Enter To WIN: PRIME My Gym Facebook Contest

Enter To WIN: PRIME My Gym Facebook Contest

Today kicks of the start of the #PRIMEMyGym giveaway!  Contest registration is now open on the PRIME Facebook page and will remain open through the end of the month (July 31st, 2017).

One lucky winner will receive a PRIME Pack that includes the following items:

  • One (1) pair of PRIME RO-T8 Handles
  • One (1) PRIME Squat Wedge (degree of their choice)
  • One (1) PRIME T-Shirt
  • One (1) PRIME Cyclone Cup

Entry is simple, just visit the PRIME Facebook page (CLICK HERE) and click on the “Contest” tab on the left of the page.  Follow the prompts and you’re entered, it’s that easy!  One winner will be randomly selected after the contest closes on August 1st, 2017.

Enter today to #WinYourPRIME!



My PRIME With… Mark Coles – M10 Gym

My PRIME With… Mark Coles – M10 Gym

Welcome to the 2nd edition of My PRIME With… featuring Gym Owner, Physique Coach, Bodybuilder and PRIME Athlete – Mark Coles. Mark is the owner of M10 Gym in Nottingham, United Kingdom.  Mark’s passion for fitness and helping others is infectious. So, we wanted to find out where his passion is rooted, what he attributes his entrepreneurial success to and how his story might help you #FindYourPRIME.  Without further ado, here is My PRIME With…Mark Coles.  


PRIME: Mark, you are building a reputation of owning one of the most elite body transformation gyms in the UK at M10 Fitness, how did M10 come about and what is the significance of name M10?

Mark Coles:  M10 was born out of my passion to deliver the highest quality coaching. For me, coaching is about high standards and professionalism, knowledge, but also the ability to deliver that knowledge. It’s about being able to help our clients achieve a set of results that they never thought was possible. We do that by combining all of our years of experience together, and by working together as a team. I wanted a company name that was smart, minimalistic but also professional. I wanted a letter and a number, so kept my eyes open for something that stood out. When I was at a rugby game with my Dad (my biggest inspiration), our tickets said to enter via stand M10, and that is where the name was born.


PRIME: When you decided to open your own gym, what was your business philosophy and what advice would you give anyone considering opening a facility?

Mark Coles:  My advice to anyone opening their own facility, is to build it around the results that you want to achieve with your clients, and also what provides the best environment for you and your team to thrive. If you have limited tools, you limit what you can achieve. Many trainers try and save, but that limits the growth potential for their business long term. The reason we have the best equipment, is so that my team has everything they need to become the best. We also have the best, because we believe that our clients deserve the best.


PRIME: As a bodybuilder, what drives you and who influences you?

Mark Coles: I have always had a desire to achieve, be that in business or sports. When I stopped playing rugby and transitioned into bodybuilding, I found a sport that I could continually improve in. With the knowledge that I gain daily, I get excited about the changes that I can make to my physique. I don’t have any desire to be a pro, I just want to improve and better myself year over year. My body, mind and spirit, all come together and help me drive forwards towards my business and life goals. I don’t have any bodybuilders that I look to for inspiration; I do however respect each and every one of them. My goals in life very much relate to personal goals, and those of my business and the legacy in the fitness industry that I want to leave.


PRIME: You’ve added a significant amount of PRIME equipment at M10.  Why PRIME and how has it changed the way you train your clients?

Mark Coles: Having Prime has changed so many areas of my training, and also to those who get to use the equipment at M10. As an athlete, we don’t get to use equipment that pays respect to biomechanics like the Prime equipment does. I have been able to train muscles in ranges that I never knew I was weak in. I have grown, I’m so much stronger, and more importantly for my overall health, I’m way more stable in so many lifts. When it comes to our coaching, the equipment allows us to train clients immediately where they are weak (due to the ability to manipulate the cams). By being able to do this, we can get them stronger quicker, and also progress them quicker.


PRIME: For individuals reading this who are just starting their journey to improving their physique, what are the top 3 “must-dos” as they begin their transformation process?

Mark Coles:  My first tip would be to take your time. Learn how your muscles work, and learn how to contract them. You will do this best by hiring someone who is skilled, rather than trying to teach yourself. My second tip would be to use machines especially in your early days. Machines allow you to lock down and therefore you’ll be able to engage with the muscle a lot easier.  My third tip would be to make progress, but never at the expense of execution. So lift heavier, work harder, but don’t get sloppy. The quickest way to stall, is to let your ego get in the way.


PRIME: What’s next for Mark Coles and M10 Fitness?

Mark Coles: Right now our Physique coach education program is really picking up steam. We have also introduced a private mentorship, which is one of our Elite programs (trainers from across Europe work with us personally for 6 months). Our goal is to have introduced over 1000 coaches to our methods by the end of the year. There are many coaches in the fitness industry who have a lot of knowledge, but very few who can deliver what they

Mark Coles Explains The Benefits of PRIME RO-T8 Handles

Mark Coles Explains The Benefits of PRIME RO-T8 Handles

Mark Coles is the Owner & Founder of M10 Gym in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He’s one of the top trainers and brightest minds in the fitness industry. Mark and his team at M10 have been using PRIME RO-T8 handles over the past 6 months – helping their clients reach their goals. Mark spent some time explaining the advantages of the RO-T8 handles vs. traditional handles.

Check out the video below.


Stay tuned for more videos from Mark and his team detailing other exercise variations using PRIME RO-T8 handles.

For more information about PRIME RO-T8 handles and to order your pari today, click HERE.

Also, be sure to check out our Instagram to see posts from people all over the world that have joined the #ROT8Revolution (while your there, be sure to follow for daily updates).


The Evolution of Strength Training Equipment [or lack there of]

The Evolution of Strength Training Equipment [or lack there of]

Let’s start with a story…

It’s leg day.  You’ve been pumping yourself up all week for this. You arrive to the gym, fully prepared to destroy anything in your path.  You slam your pre-workout like a savage animal preparing for a hunt.  Once you’ve carefully crafted the set-up of your stations for maximum efficiency, you slide your headphones in to place and press play…😮  Single Ladies spews into your ears with the might of a bursting damn. Seriously??? 😫 Frantic to not lose any of the motivation you’ve been building all week, you flip open your portable CD player only to find that your girlfriend swapped out Avenge Sevenfold with Beyoncé.  End scene.

So, what was the moral of the story? Technology.

In today’s day and age, this type of thing could never happen. For starters, if you’re working out next to a dude still rockin’ a portable CD player, odds are his girlfriend… doesn’t exist. [NOTE: if you are a dude and still use a portable CD player, we apologize in advance, and we’re sure your imaginary girlfriend is a smoke show].  OK, back to the point. At any given moment, we have thousands (if not millions) of songs at our finger tips. Literally, any song ever recorded is no more than a few taps away. Beyoncé to Avenge Sevenfold? No sweat.

It’s possible because technology is an amazing thing, and it’s always moving forward, all around you.  Everything from your TV to your toilet, it’s evolving with each new model.  The variable is the speed at which it evolves.

Take for example, Strength Training Equipment.  In the graphic below, there are 2 images of a selectorized Pec Deck machine (we won’t name the manufacturer, but on a side note, the red semi-cursive font is totally unrelated).  The machine on the left was made in 1995.  The machine on the right was made in 2014.  At first glance, they are totally different, right?  Well, the colors are different, ascetically it’s different and the weight stack moved 90 degrees.  So yes, it’s different, but is it better? Is there new technology? New functionality? Enhanced biomechanics? No, no and no.  It’s still a Pec Deck, albeit a dolled-up version.



At PRIME, our mission is simple.

We aim increase the speed of innovation in strength training equipment, and in the process, advance the overall way people approach strength training.  

In other words, we want to enhance things that haven’t been enhanced in a long time.

No better example of this than our SmartStrength technology.  Each PRIME machine offers 5 strength curve variations (for more information on why that’s important, click HERE). Do you know how many that shiny Peck Deck from 2014 offered? [Spoiler alert: 4 less than PRIME] You got it… 1.


Innovation is all over PRIME products.  From the swivel/mobility of the PRIME RO-T8 Handles, or the countless features on PRIME Steel Racks for both the user and trainer.  Our philosophy is, if a product is enhanced or doesn’t enhance your workout, we don’t make it.  For example, PRIME Squat Wedges.  It’s not a scientific breakthrough that the elevation of your heel plays a key role in the muscles activated during a squat, people have been using plates for years, but PRIME Squat Wedges offer adjustability, functionality and precision.

Here’s the kicker.  When your gym has equipment that is more innovative, more versatile and more effective, it adds value and that translates in to more members.
Contact us today to learn more about how PRIME equipment can take your facility to the next level.


– Team PRIME

PRIME Feature Friday: PRIME Steel Rack

PRIME Feature Friday: PRIME Steel Rack

If you didn’t already know, each Friday (well, most Fridays) we post a new video to the PRIME YouTube Channel (check it out HERE and be sure to hit “subscribe” to be notified of new uploads) that puts the spotlight on a single piece of PRIME equipment.  It’s our way to bring the equipment to you, until you have a chance to experience the game-changing innovation first-hand.

This past Friday, we pointed the cameras at a PRIME Steel Rack.  This behemoth beauty features 4×4 inch tubing, fixed upper band rods, retractable lower band rods, a dedicated spotter platform, lock-in bench centering technology, a variety of pull-up variation handles and a list of other features too long to type out.  In short, this is a serious piece, crafted to meet the needs of any user, from the occasional gym goer to the most elite lifter/athlete.

Take a minute to check out the video.  We showcased a banded bench press, heel elevated banded squats and a variety of pull-up variations. #FindYourPRIME

Note: The squat wedge featured in the video is available for sale HERE.


PRIME Visits …Destination Dallas, TEXAS – Extreme Quad Workout Ensues

PRIME Visits …Destination Dallas, TEXAS – Extreme Quad Workout Ensues

If you haven’t heard of …destination DALLAS, TEXAS open a new browser window and visit their website.  We’ll wait…

OK, now that you’ve had a chance to get familiar with the gym, you probably saw some familiar faces and brands. Home of many professional bodybuilders and athletes, DD is also owned by the same group that runs the popular clothing brands: GASP & Better Bodies.  The gym is quickly building a reputation as a mecca in the iron game.  In May, they were in the market for a new leg extension, and as we always say, “the best gyms in the world choose PRIME.”  They landed on a PRIME Plate Loaded Leg Extension featuring the PRIME SmartStrength TorqueArm technology.  The team at PRIME took a trip to meet the team at DD and offer insight in to taking leg day to another level.

What ensued was a MASSIVE quad workout with DD trainer, Kyle Cavnar… Check out the video below.


A big “Thank You” to the team at ..destination DALLAS, TEXAS for their hospitality! It was great to meet the team and showcase the power of PRIME!

If you are a gym owner and you’re looking to add value to your facility and to your members, contact PRIME today to learn how our SmartStrength technology can take your facility to the next level. Email: info@PRIMEfitnessUSA.com