BPAK WEB SERIES | Spend The Week Learning From IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski

BPAK WEB SERIES | Spend The Week Learning From IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski

This week, all week.  It’s BPAK week at PRIME.

Last month was one of the most exciting months we’ve ever had at PRIME. The hype around the Open House Week at …destination DALLAS, TX was epic. Some of the biggest names in the fitness industry got to experience PRIME for the first time (and fortunately for us – they all loved it).  PRIME was shared, storied, tweeted and uploaded to hundreds of thousands of people new to PRIME. Like we said, super exciting.  With that, however, comes the ‘once chance to make a first impression’, so we thought it was important to take some time to really explain what makes PRIME equipment so unique.  Who better to deliver that message than our good friend, Ben Pakulski.  Ben is revered as one of the brightest minds in the world of strength training.  Upon his own admission, his very successful bodybuilding career was fueled by his exercise science background and ‘intelligent training’ philosophy.

At his gym, MI40 Gym in Tampa, FL, BPak has been training on PRIME equipment for the past 2 years, and he has a lot of it.  MI40 Gym features a wide rage of PRIME equipment, with 20+ pieces of plate loaded and selectorized, a PRIME Steel Rack and a variety of PRIME accessories. So, like we said, who better to train the staff and members at …destination DALLAS, TX. We couldn’t think of anyone.

We set up some cameras and shot the entire 2 hour session and developed a 6 part web series.  This week we will be releasing a new part everyday from 09/11/17 to 09/16/17.  Part 1 was released today.  Check it out below!


Destination Dallas TX | PRIME Fitness: “It Does Something Different”

Destination Dallas TX | PRIME Fitness: “It Does Something Different”

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times… ‘the best gyms in the world choose PRIME’.

Here’s just one more example of why truer words have never been spoken. Check out Destination Dallas TX.  Destination Dallas TX is one of the most sought after and traveled to gyms in the country. Destination is the home base gym for popular apparel brands GASP and Better Bodies, and home to a laundry list of IFBB & NPC pros, professional athletes and world class trainers; Destination Dallas TX is the epitome of what it means to be a world-class training facility.

In early 2017, Destination Dallas TX was in need of a new Leg Extension machine.  So they did what any good gym should do, they asked their members what they wanted.  Apparently, the word was out, and the PRIME Plate Loaded Leg Extension was on order.   Shortly after receiving the piece, the PRIME Team visited the gym to ‘train the trainers’ on how to get the most out of this new piece of technology.  The team at Destination Dallas TX loved the piece, the members loved the piece and it wasn’t long before conversations started about bringing in more PRIME at Destination Dallas TX.

Fast forward a few months… Destination Dallas TX is now home to over 15 pieces of PRIME equipment and a variety of accessory items (You can check out a killer time-lapse video of the install HERE).

So, why do the best gyms in the world choose PRIME? Greg McCoy, Global Marketing Manager for GASP, Better Bodies and Destination Dallas TX, explains why bringing in PRIME equipment was so important. “It’s different. You have to differentiate yourselves, and the equipment is different. Not just because it’s flashy or because the color green looks really good. It’s literally different. It does something different.”  (Check out the entire video HERE) 

The difference Greg is referring to is PRIME’s SmartStrength technology. Where a traditional strength machine places a consistant load throughout the range of motion, a PRIME machine goes a step further – check that – a PRIME machine goes 5 steps further.  With PRIME’s SmartStrength technology, a user can move the peak resistance throughout the range of motion via 5 different settings. In other words, with PRIME, you can customize your reps to suit your training objectives.

Here’s a great example:  In a recent visit to Destination Dallas, IFBB Pro Ron Partlow hit back.  Ron’s training objective was focusing on his lats, and more specifically, his lower lats.  In one set on the PRIME Extreme Row, Ron was able to move the peak resistance to the end of the exercise motion (the peak contraction at the top of the motion) to really emphasize the squeeze in the lower lats.  No bands, no chains, no gimmicks – he simply added weight plates on the bottom peg of the TorqueArm (Setting #2). By doing this, the machine added resistance at the end of the motion, where he wanted to focus his effort.

It’s this kind of versatility that makes PRIME equipment the most effective and efficient equipment in the world.

Still not a PRIME believer? It’s OK, no amount of explanation can replace a workout on PRIME.  Shoot us an email to info@PRIMEfitnessUSA.com and we’ll connect you with the facility nearest to you that has PRIME equipment.  You’ll be glad you gave it a try.

Till next time | #FindYourPRIME


My PRIME With… Kyle Flick – Team PRIME

My PRIME With… Kyle Flick – Team PRIME

This month we are bringing you the 3rd edition of My PRIME With… a monthly blog series where we ask a friend of PRIME’s a few questions, aimed at getting a little more information into how they find their own PRIME.  This month we are flipping things around a little bit, and putting the spotlight on one of our own, PRIME team member, Kyle Flick.  Kyle is an important guy, his job is one of (if not) the most important jobs at PRIME. We wanted to hear from Kyle himself about his position, life at PRIME and his own fitness journey.

Without further ado, here is My PRIME With…. Kyle Flick.  

PRIME: Kyle, what is your role at PRIME and how long have you been with the company?

Kyle Flick: I am one of the main Assemblers.  It’s my job to put all the pieces together to create a single piece of PRIME Fitness equipment.  The ‘hand’ in handmade? That’s me. I have been working at PRIME for 2 years as of June.

PRIME: What is the best part of your job at PRIME?

Kyle Flick: As an Assembler, my job can be straightforward, and at times complex.  I love that aspect of it. I also love knowing that the machines I build will ultimately be used to make someone healthier, and lead a more energetic lifestyle. Knowing that the work I am doing is enabling people to be the best they can be… no doubt that’s the best part.

PRIME: As a gym goer/strength enthusiast, how, if at all, has working on PRIME equipment changed the way you approach your own personal training?

Kyle Flick: I’ve historically been a l free weight lifter and was when I began working at PRIME. I didn’t really like the idea of working out on ‘strength machines.’  But once I experienced how divergent these machines are, and the way they can break down the muscle with the adjustability of the SmartCam and TorqueArm, my perception of ‘strength machines’ has changed.  There really isn’t anything else in the world like PRIME Fitness equipment.  That’s pretty awesome.

PRIME: For readers out there considering PRIME equipment for their gym, what can you tell them about the work and quality that goes in to each piece of PRIME equipment? 

Kyle Flick: That’s easy, simply put: “You get what you pay for.” I have a front row seat as to how these machines are made. Each piece is truly handcrafted –  from bends and welds, to powder coat and assembly, each piece is meticulously built and inspected before it ships out – and we’re proud that every element of the process is done in the USA!

PRIME: Lastly, we use the phrase ‘Find Your PRIME’ a lot around here, what is your personal PRIME? What drives you in the gym and what motivates you at work?

Kyle Flick: For me, I feel like I am at my best (or in my PRIME) when I am focused on being positive. Purposefully looking for the good in situations.  Keeping a positive mindset plays a critical role in a lot of things in life, and the gym is no exception. So, I really try to stay focused on my goals and remain optimistic about the outcome. I feel like the positivity keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. That’s probably the other part of my PRIME – setting goals.  Each morning I remind myself of the goals I’ve set for myself, whatever they may be, and what it will take to reach them.







Enter To WIN: PRIME My Gym Facebook Contest

Enter To WIN: PRIME My Gym Facebook Contest

Today kicks of the start of the #PRIMEMyGym giveaway!  Contest registration is now open on the PRIME Facebook page and will remain open through the end of the month (July 31st, 2017).

One lucky winner will receive a PRIME Pack that includes the following items:

  • One (1) pair of PRIME RO-T8 Handles
  • One (1) PRIME Squat Wedge (degree of their choice)
  • One (1) PRIME T-Shirt
  • One (1) PRIME Cyclone Cup

Entry is simple, just visit the PRIME Facebook page (CLICK HERE) and click on the “Contest” tab on the left of the page.  Follow the prompts and you’re entered, it’s that easy!  One winner will be randomly selected after the contest closes on August 1st, 2017.

Enter today to #WinYourPRIME!



My PRIME With… Mark Coles – M10 Gym

My PRIME With… Mark Coles – M10 Gym

Welcome to the 2nd edition of My PRIME With… featuring Gym Owner, Physique Coach, Bodybuilder and PRIME Athlete – Mark Coles. Mark is the owner of M10 Gym in Nottingham, United Kingdom.  Mark’s passion for fitness and helping others is infectious. So, we wanted to find out where his passion is rooted, what he attributes his entrepreneurial success to and how his story might help you #FindYourPRIME.  Without further ado, here is My PRIME With…Mark Coles.  


PRIME: Mark, you are building a reputation of owning one of the most elite body transformation gyms in the UK at M10 Fitness, how did M10 come about and what is the significance of name M10?

Mark Coles:  M10 was born out of my passion to deliver the highest quality coaching. For me, coaching is about high standards and professionalism, knowledge, but also the ability to deliver that knowledge. It’s about being able to help our clients achieve a set of results that they never thought was possible. We do that by combining all of our years of experience together, and by working together as a team. I wanted a company name that was smart, minimalistic but also professional. I wanted a letter and a number, so kept my eyes open for something that stood out. When I was at a rugby game with my Dad (my biggest inspiration), our tickets said to enter via stand M10, and that is where the name was born.


PRIME: When you decided to open your own gym, what was your business philosophy and what advice would you give anyone considering opening a facility?

Mark Coles:  My advice to anyone opening their own facility, is to build it around the results that you want to achieve with your clients, and also what provides the best environment for you and your team to thrive. If you have limited tools, you limit what you can achieve. Many trainers try and save, but that limits the growth potential for their business long term. The reason we have the best equipment, is so that my team has everything they need to become the best. We also have the best, because we believe that our clients deserve the best.


PRIME: As a bodybuilder, what drives you and who influences you?

Mark Coles: I have always had a desire to achieve, be that in business or sports. When I stopped playing rugby and transitioned into bodybuilding, I found a sport that I could continually improve in. With the knowledge that I gain daily, I get excited about the changes that I can make to my physique. I don’t have any desire to be a pro, I just want to improve and better myself year over year. My body, mind and spirit, all come together and help me drive forwards towards my business and life goals. I don’t have any bodybuilders that I look to for inspiration; I do however respect each and every one of them. My goals in life very much relate to personal goals, and those of my business and the legacy in the fitness industry that I want to leave.


PRIME: You’ve added a significant amount of PRIME equipment at M10.  Why PRIME and how has it changed the way you train your clients?

Mark Coles: Having Prime has changed so many areas of my training, and also to those who get to use the equipment at M10. As an athlete, we don’t get to use equipment that pays respect to biomechanics like the Prime equipment does. I have been able to train muscles in ranges that I never knew I was weak in. I have grown, I’m so much stronger, and more importantly for my overall health, I’m way more stable in so many lifts. When it comes to our coaching, the equipment allows us to train clients immediately where they are weak (due to the ability to manipulate the cams). By being able to do this, we can get them stronger quicker, and also progress them quicker.


PRIME: For individuals reading this who are just starting their journey to improving their physique, what are the top 3 “must-dos” as they begin their transformation process?

Mark Coles:  My first tip would be to take your time. Learn how your muscles work, and learn how to contract them. You will do this best by hiring someone who is skilled, rather than trying to teach yourself. My second tip would be to use machines especially in your early days. Machines allow you to lock down and therefore you’ll be able to engage with the muscle a lot easier.  My third tip would be to make progress, but never at the expense of execution. So lift heavier, work harder, but don’t get sloppy. The quickest way to stall, is to let your ego get in the way.


PRIME: What’s next for Mark Coles and M10 Fitness?

Mark Coles: Right now our Physique coach education program is really picking up steam. We have also introduced a private mentorship, which is one of our Elite programs (trainers from across Europe work with us personally for 6 months). Our goal is to have introduced over 1000 coaches to our methods by the end of the year. There are many coaches in the fitness industry who have a lot of knowledge, but very few who can deliver what they

Mark Coles Explains The Benefits of PRIME RO-T8 Handles

Mark Coles Explains The Benefits of PRIME RO-T8 Handles

Mark Coles is the Owner & Founder of M10 Gym in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He’s one of the top trainers and brightest minds in the fitness industry. Mark and his team at M10 have been using PRIME RO-T8 handles over the past 6 months – helping their clients reach their goals. Mark spent some time explaining the advantages of the RO-T8 handles vs. traditional handles.

Check out the video below.


Stay tuned for more videos from Mark and his team detailing other exercise variations using PRIME RO-T8 handles.

For more information about PRIME RO-T8 handles and to order your pari today, click HERE.

Also, be sure to check out our Instagram to see posts from people all over the world that have joined the #ROT8Revolution (while your there, be sure to follow for daily updates).