KAZ Handles Launch | The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

KAZ Handles Launch | The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

The KAZ Handles launched last Friday! (Well, that sounded much easier than it turned out to be.)

So, here’s a quick update on the KAZ Handles launch, and we’re going to give it to you straight – the good, the bad, and the ugly.   Before we do, we first wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to  all of you who purchased the product on Friday. To think of where we’ve come from in the past 5 years, leading up to this launch – it’s truly humbling – and it wouldn’t happen without each of you.  So, again, ‘Thank You’!

Now, let’s dive into this…

The Good

For the most part, this category makes up roughly 90% of the entire launch.  It was good.  In fact, parts of it were great – like selling out of the initial inventory run in just over 12 hours! We’ll give you a minute, because it’s still sinking in with us too. We knew from the minute we started to work with Coach Kassem on the concept that it was going to be a special product.  It fits exactly what a PRIME product should be; a unique take on a traditional piece of gym equipment that elevates it to another level of versatility, functionality, and quality – and that’s exactly what the KAZ Handles are.  But to see so many people support the launch on social media and then purchase the handles on day one of the launch… incredible. 

The Bad

The bad is also pretty straight forward – we ran out of product. While it’s cool to see a sellout demand for a product, we know it stinks for the people who missed the opportunity to get their order in right away. So, we’ve expedited the next batch of KAZ Handles and are very pleased to share that WE WILL BE RESTOCKED WITH KAZ HANDLES NEXT WEEK!  Our team is all-hands-on-deck restocking the inventory.  Our goal is to have them available for purchase on the website on July 10th – so be sure to mark your calendars now!

The Ugly

IT issues + Murphy’s Law = Enough Said.

In all honesty, we have a great team managing our website, but sometimes things just break.   What’s worse is when they break right before something you’ve been planning for weeks!   Long story short, we had an issue with the site totally unrelated to the new product, that caused the site to be down for most of the day yesterday.  Kudos to our team for grinding all day to get the issue resolved and get the site (and the launch) up and running by 7pm EST.  So we missed the launch time by a couple of hours, and as frustrating as it was, it was rewarding to see how the team came together to overcome the challenges and grind it out.  Equally rewarding was watching so many of you wait patiently for two hours until they were live.  You guys rule.

Thanks again for your support. I means the world to us.  #FindYourPRIME

PRIME on the ROAD  – Nottingham, UK | M10 Gym w/ Mark Coles | Episode 6

PRIME on the ROAD – Nottingham, UK | M10 Gym w/ Mark Coles | Episode 6

Last month, while traveling to Germany for FIBO 2019, we took a detour to the United Kingdom to make a long overdue visit to our good friend, Mark Coles at M10 Gym.  About 3 three years ago, Mark became the first gym in the UK to bring in PRIME equipment.  Since then, our footprint in the EU has grown significantly, but we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Mark and his team for his support of this crazy new brand of equipment with bright green cams and 3 peg torque arms.

During our trip, we not only got the opportunity to train at M10 (an incredible facility – you can tell each piece of equipment was hand-picked and calculated) with Mark, but we also had the chance to hear why Mark chose to bring in PRIME and what it has done for not only his business, but his own physique.

Check out the newest PRIME On The ROAD episode below and hear the entire story in Mark’s own words.

To the entire M10 Team, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your hospitality, your unwavering support, and most of all your friendship.

We can’t wait to get back to Nottingham soon!

Till next time…

Train Hard. Train Smart. Find Your PRIME.

The PRIME Prodigy Racks are HERE!

The PRIME Prodigy Racks are HERE!

It’s official. The PRIME Prodigy Racks are now live and available for purchase!

Launching new products is always exciting.  It’s the culmination of ideas, planning, and hard work – all of which the Prodigy line required high doses of, and our team delivered.

But the Prodigy line is even more meaningful to us because of what it represents. When PRIME started, we focused on developing pushing innovation and designing equipment with superior biomechanics, focusing our efforts in the commercial gym market.  It wasn’t until the release of the RO-T8 Handles and Squat Wedges that we had viable products to include in a typical home or garage gym.  With the explosive growth in consumer sales around the RO-T8 Family and Squat Wedges, we took a closer look at the garage gym market – and quickly realized 2 things…

1.) there are a few companies making very cool, very high-quality equipment, very well. **Cough**Rogue**Cough**Sorinex**Cough EliteFTS**

 2.) we wanted to join the party driving innovation and quality in the space too. 

Enter, PRIME Prodigy.  

The Prodigy Racks really do blur the imaginary lines that have been created between “commercial” and “home” equipment. After all, they aren’t as different in 2019 as you might expect. Fact, we have customers with home gyms that make even the most amazing commercial gyms look average. Fact, people are training smarter than ever before, turning to science to maximize execution and performance.  Fact, it’s our job to the develop tools that perform at the same level of mechanics and versatility – and that’s what we believe the Prodigy line does.

We also wanted to create something that people could customize and configure to maximize space and exercise versatility, but we took it one step further, with Prodigy you can do it over time – at the pace your gym evolves. 

Here’s a totally fictitious example. 

Meet Budget Bob.

Budget Bob wants to build a gym in his home. So, Bob saves.

Bob buys one standard PRIME Prodigy Power Rack. Bob has a sweet rack. Bob saves again.

Bob buys the RO-T8 Pull-Up Station, Row Bench and Dumbbell Cradles add-ons. Bob saves more.

Bob buys a kit to upgrade his Power Rack into a Prodigy HLP Plate Loaded Rack. Bob’s now ballin’.

So, Bob buys a half rack to attach to the back of his HLP Rack.

Now Bob has the best gym in town and it is in his garage. Bob wins.

So, that was an overly drawn out and dramatic way to point out that the Prodigy Rack Line is essentially the equivalent of an erector set for adults who never really grew up and really like to train. Yes, you.

Anyway, we are super excited to share this line and overwhelmed with the initial response – overwhelmed in many ways.

Thank you all for your support and make sure you’re following us online for all the latest content and news!

– Team PRIME

PRIME Fitness Welcomes Bryson DeChambeau to Team PRIME

PRIME Fitness Welcomes Bryson DeChambeau to Team PRIME

PRIME Fitness, the leader in science-forward strength training equipment, has announced the addition of PGA Tour Superstar, Bryson DeChambeau, as an ambassador for the rapidly growing brand.  DeChambeau, who has accumulated five PGA Tour wins since 2017, credits his innovative scientific approach to the game of golf for his rapid rise to the fifth ranked golfer in the world.  Most notably, DeChambeau’s “single length” irons and “one-plane” swing have earned him the nickname “The Scientist” on tour.

The partnership with DeChambeau is a natural fit for PRIME’s brand. Since the start of the company, PRIME’s singular focus has been the pursuit of greatness through the application of science and it is believed that there could not be a better real-world example of that than the way “The Scientist” is single handedly changing the landscape of a two-century old sport through science.

PRIME has been making waves in the strength training community since 2014, when the brand was launched, highlighted by its innovative SmartStrength technology, featured on each piece of PRIME Selectorized and Plate Loaded equipment. SmartStrength is the corner stone of PRIME because it gives the user the ability to dissect and target load a particular portion of the range of motion, fully training a muscle from origin to insertion. For a golfer like DeChambeau, looking to optimize both strength and flexibility, the ability to adequately challenge a muscle through its entire range of motion is paramount, and that is exactly what SmartStrength does.

DeChambeau, a student of Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), was introduced to PRIME while training with Roskopf at the MAT headquarters in Denver, CO – where PRIME equipment plays an integral role in the application of MAT. 

“It’s exciting to work with such an innovative company,” said DeChambeau of the new partnership with PRIME. “It’s an honor to work with a company that is so committed to science and biomechanics, and that commitment shows in their products. PRIME equipment is a game changer, not just for a golfer, but for anyone looking to elevate their training and performance.”

THE SCOOP | 2019 Is Here. So What’s Going On At PRIME?

THE SCOOP | 2019 Is Here. So What’s Going On At PRIME?

Happy New Year everyone! Hard to believe it’s already 2019. Luckily, we are excited for all the BIG THINGS 2019 has in store for PRIME, and we hope you will be too.  So, let’s dive right into it and get Vol. 2 of The Scoop underway…

As many of you probably already know, we recently announced our plans to launch a brand new line of racks in Q1 of this year.  That is still the plan.  In fact, we have an official launch date of March 11, 2019.  We have to share a quick thing about the launch date, because it really highlights how the level of “nerdy steel guy” our VP is (Sorry Jarrad, had to do it). The launch date is 3/11 because the racks are constructed with 3” tubing of 11 gauge steel.  Can’t make this stuff up folks… There’s your useless fun fact for the day!  Anyway, about the new racks… they’ll be called PRIME Prodigy Racks and the line will be made up of four rack options, covering a variety of set-ups and features.  We’ll be releasing more details about each of the racks as we draw closer to the launch date, but in short, the main idea was to create a line of racks that crammed as much versatility and functionality in to the smallest footprint possible – all while giving the customer the ability to customize them in almost any configuration imaginable. Pretty lofty goal, but we think we did it! You be the judge when they’re released.

2019 is also a big year for PRIME, from an accessory perspective. Not only will we be adding some new products to our accessory portfolio (more to come on that in a minute), many of our international friends have been asking about international distribution.  Well, we are very excited to share with you that we have finalized an agreement with a group in Germany with the infrastructure to fulfill the international demand we’ve struggled to ourselves. They won’t be carrying ALL of our accessory products on day one, but a vast majority of them.  Assuming everything goes well with the first shipment, hopefully you’ll see more and more products available later in 2019. We’ll be posting a TON of information on social media very soon about the announcement and details, so if you’re not following us on Facebook or Instagram, get there and give us a follow ASAP!

FIBO is just around the corner! For those of you attending, you won’t be able to miss our booth this year! We’ll be in the same place as we have been in past years (Halle 6), but this year we stepped our booth game up big time (see image)! Be sure to come by and say hello!  We’ve been getting a lot of questions about if and what products we’ll be taking to sell out of the booth.  The answer is simple, we are taking a TON of inventory this year of pretty much everything.  That said, we sold out so quickly last year, we have no idea how long it will take to sell out this year.  So, if you are going to FIBO and you plan on saving money on shipping and buying your PRIME products at the show, GET THERE EARLY!  It’s first come, first served!

Lastly, another big piece of news coming in 2019 is about the expansion of Team PRIME!  We are in the final stages of a partnership agreement with a very high profile athlete (the 5th ranked player in the world in his sport).  We can’t share too many of the details right now, BUT we are incredibly excited to be working with this person and it’s a great opportunity for us to reach a whole new group of fitness enthusiasts and share the message about how PRIME equipment can take athletic training to a new level.  Be on the lookout for more details on that later this month!

We know that’s a lot to digest, so we’ll keep the updates coming (The Scoop Vol. 3)!

This has been The Scoop – till next time – Find Your PRIME