PRIME Fitness Wins 2018 Men’s Health Fitness Award

PRIME Fitness Wins 2018 Men’s Health Fitness Award

Big things are happening in a small town just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tucked away in the foothills of northwestern PA, a strength equipment manufacturer is making big waves in the fitness industry.  PRIME Fitness burst on to the strength equipment scene in 2014 with their “science-forward” approach to commercial strength equipment. With innovative technology, next-level biomechanics, and USA craftsmanship quality, it wasn’t long before the most elite training facilities were choosing PRIME equipment.

In 2017, the company took the same approach, rooted in science, to the accessory market, and have been making heads turn since.  “Since the beginning, we’ve always wanted to apply the same philosophy that goes into the creation of our strength machines to the accessory market,” said PRIME Sales Director, Mike Kearney. “We wanted to create an accessory that would demonstrate what is possible with a real scientific approach to product development,” Kearney continued.

This year, their vision has been recognized by one of the largest publications in the fitness industry – Men’s Health.  The PRIME RO-T8 Handles received the prestigious 2018 Men’s Heath Fitness Award, sharing the stage with brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Garmin. “It’s truly humbling to accept this award from Men’s Health,” said PRIME President, Rod Griffin.  “This award represents the continued shift to a more science-based approach to training, and we are honored to be a part of it.  This only deepens our commitment to the innovation and development of world-class strength training equipment,” said Griffin.

The RO-T8 (or ‘rotate’) Handles feature a rotational, ergonomic “paddle grip” that is designed to provide more surface area, drastically reducing joint pressure and grip fatigue. The enhanced biomechanics of the RO-T8 Handles allow for optimal exercise efficiency and maximum output potential to the targeted muscle(s).

But the RO-T8 Handles are just one member of the PRIME RO-T8 Family of products.  Since launching the RO-T8 Handles, PRIME has continued to innovate, expanding their portfolio to 7 RO-T8 products.  Most recently, in May of this year, PRIME added the RO-T8 Spreader Bar to the Family, taking adjustability to new heights.  The Spreader Bar features a 360° ROM, via a unilateral ball joint design, offering an ultra-smooth feel in any direction.


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PRIME Hits The Road… Again: Mei Fitness – 3 Locations

PRIME Hits The Road… Again: Mei Fitness – 3 Locations

Last month, PRIME hit the road again, continuing the PRIME On The Road series with Episode 4. This adventure took us to the great state of Indiana to visit (3) Mei Fitness locations. For over a year now, Mei Fitness has been investing in PRIME equipment in all 3 of their greater Indianapolis area locations. With the opening of the latest facility in Southport, featuring over 20 pieces of PRIME equipment, we had to make a trip out to visit the gyms and the Mei team.

Our visit started at the original Mei Fitness location in Avon, IN. Upon arriving, we were met with the warmest of welcomes from the owner, Mel. Mel is one of those guys you could listen to all day. His life story reads like a best-selling novel. Born in Puerto Rico, Mel’s family moved to Florida where he started elementary school, without knowing a single word of English (a language he now speaks fluently). After high school, Mel joined the Marine Corps, where he served as a helicopter mechanic. After his service, his experience took him to Indianapolis to join an Indy Car pit crew. Throughout it all, Mel had always had a passion for fitness, which turned into a career. Passionate about his faith, when Mel made the decision to become a Gym Owner, he was committed to creating a different kind of gym culture – one where his members were more than just customers, but were truly part of the Mei family.

Our next stop took us to the Fisher’s, IN location, just 30-45 minutes up the road (depending on traffic). The Fisher’s location was Mel’s second location and featured over 10 pieces of PRIME equipment. During our visit, the gym was buzzing with members, spanning from bodybuilders to athletes, to your everyday fitness enthusiast. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to talk SmartStrength™ with a ton of members and offer tips to take their PRIME workouts to another level. In fact, a couple unlucky (or lucky – depending how you look at it) members got put through the infamous “PRIME Death Set” – be sure to check out the video below to see the devastation.

The third and final stop on our Mei Fitness tour took us to Southport, the newly opened location. From top to bottom, the experiences Mel drew from the first two locations were evident, down to the smallest of details (one of our favorites being charging stations for any type of smartphone imaginable). The Southport location featured over 20 pieces of PRIME equipment, spanning the Hybrid and Plate Loaded lines. The gym had a really awesome vibe, featuring walls plastered with custom artwork and a massive HDTV. Similar to the other 2 locations, we were able to spend some time with members, explaining more of the benefits of training with PRIME SmartStrength™ technology. We also got to spend some time with the manager, Griffin, putting him through a shoulder workout he won’t soon forget!

Check out the pictures below form the trip and be sure to watch, like, and share Episode 4 of PRIME On The Road below (just click ‘play’ below). If you haven’t already, head over to our YouTube channel and hit the ‘subscribe’ button. We’ll be uploading a ton more videos over the second half of the year, so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Till next time…

Train Hard. Train Smart. Find Your PRIME.



PRIME On The Road – Part 3 – International

PRIME On The Road – Part 3 – International

We’re back! What an amazing trip.  Our first international PRIME On The Road was a smashing success.  The trip totaled 9 days of travel featuring 2 destinations – Cologne, Germany and Budapest, Hungary.

First stop, Germany.  While this wasn’t our first trip to Cologne, Germany for FIBO (this was actually our 3rd consecutive year exhibiting at FIBO), it was undoubtedly our best (although it didn’t necessary start out that way). The trip started with a direct flight from Newark, NJ to Frankfurt Germany.   After an hour of sitting on the runway, our captain informed us that due to a technical issue, we would be forced to de-board the plane and wait for a new one to carry us across the pond… 3 hours later we were airborne.  The delay did more than make a long trip longer, it also caused us to miss our scheduled train from Frankfurt to Cologne, adding another hour to the total travel time. All is well that ends well, we made it (albeit later than we anticipated) to our hotel in time to crash and catch up on sleep before the set-up day at FIBO.

Setting up for the show was fairly painless.  Months before the we were demoing at the show (HUGE thanks to Koen and his team at VOF Strength House gym in Belgium – if you are in the area, it’s a must visit), so being that we weren’t shipping anything back to the States after the show, we had a pretty limited set up.  At FIBO 2017, we took a fairly substantial inventory of RO-T8 Handles to sell out of the booth. Based on the prior year’s success, we decided to take a larger inventory of all of the products in the RO-T8 Family.   What happened next we could have never seen coming.  Roughly 6 hours in to the first of four days of FIBO, we had essentially sold out of product.  The overwhelming demand was more than we could have expected, and we are truly humbled by the support and response from everyone that joined the #ROT8Revolutoin at FIBO!  Beyond the accessories, we also had great conversations and meetings with international customers and dealers.  It’s awesome to see the growth of brand PRIME and how people from all corners of the world are understanding the value of training with PRIME’s SmartStrength technology.

FIBO 2018 was a smashing success!  We are already making big plans for 2019, so be sure to visit the show and swing by the PRIME booth to say ‘Hello’!

After tearing down the booth, we left the show around 9pm on Sunday.  After a quick dinner it was time to cram as much sleep in as possible before our 6am flight to Budapest…

The origin of our travels that took us to Budapest started a year ago, at FIBO 2017.  Our good friend Eric The Trainer introduced us to Adam, the owner of FLEX Gym.  Adam was so impressed by PRIME, he actually purchased a variety of the show units from the FIBO booth.  We gave him our word that one day we would come visit Budapest and FLEX Gym.  As we planned our FIBO travel, adding a few days in Budapest was a no brainer.

We landed in Budapest around 7:30am, and upon exiting the plane, we were met by 2 beautiful ladies holding a sign with our names on it.  After a lovely private ride to baggage claim, we were escorted outside where Adam was waiting for our arrival. This was the first sign of how amazing Adam’s hospitality would be throughout out stay.  In the short drive from the airport to our hotel, you could actually feel the history and culture of Budapest.  The age and allure of the city was only matched by the pride and passion of its people.  Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, we met in Budapest were amazing and so eager to share their city with visitors.   After a quick breakfast and tour of the area, we headed to the gym.
You probably have never been to a gym quite like FLEX Gym, because its equal probably doesn’t exist.  Yes, it’s hardcore.  Yes, it’s a bodybuilding gym. Yes, they have unbelievable equipment.  All things you’d expect from one of the most elite gyms in the world.  But what makes FLEX Gym so unique is Adam’s passion for iron sport that is all over the place. The gym could easily double as a museum – signed pictures, posters, and memorabilia from the who’s who of bodybuilding pepper every square inch of the walls. The steps that lead to all 4 floors of the gym are labeled with the names of the best bodybuilders of all time.  Upon entering the gym, you are met with a larger-than-life statue of The Incredible HULK (wearing a custom FLEX Gym tank top of course), directly adjacent from a life-like mannequin of Arnold from Terminator 1.

After a tour of the gym, we knocked out a quick back workout (the PRIME Extreme Row punished us) and headed back to the hotel to catch up on some much-needed sleep before dinner.

Prior to the trip, we told Adam we wanted the full Budapest experience, and he delivered. We headed to one of the oldest most traditional Hungarian restaurants in the city. The building must have been 1,000 years old and had a vibe that only centuries can create.  After several minutes of a conversation in Hungarian that we understood exactly 0% of, Adam told us we ordered a “sampling of Hungarian staples”.  After 3 or 4 courses that included goulash soup, a salad of pickled vegetables, and entrees with beef, chicken, and dumplings – we officially entered a food coma – and it was amazing.

The next day took us back to FLEX Gym for a shoulder and biceps workout with Adam and Kiss (yes, his name is actually Kiss) one of the head trainers at the gym.  After several sets of DB presses, lateral raises and seated high rows on the cable machine, we finished the workout off the PRIME Hybrid Arm Curl, running through sets 1, 2 and 3.  Adam and Kiss were awesome training partners. It’s always fun to talk about exercise science and share training philosophies.   Sore and tired, we finished filming at the gym and headed out for some last-minute shopping and sight-seeing.

All in all, the trip was a 10 out of 10. We can’t thank everyone enough for their support, hospitality, and friendship.  We can’t wait to get back ‘on the road again’.

Till next time – #FindYourPRIME

Watch Episode 3 of PRIME On The Road!

PRIME Launches RO-T8 2.0 Handles

PRIME Launches RO-T8 2.0 Handles

The mission at PRIME Fitness has always been the same.  We aim to make world-class, science-forward strength training equipment.  What does that mean? It’s pretty simple, it means we are committed to using science to relentlessly drive the innovation of better, smarter strength training equipment.

There may be no better tangible evidence of this than the recent launch of the PRIME RO-T8 Handles 2.0. Since the launch of PRIME RO-T8 Handles in 2016, we have seen a dramatic growth in the demand for the handles with each passing month. The response on social media has been unbelievable, we are so thankful for each of you that take the time to share them.  While we are thankful for the success of the product, we knew we could make them even better.  So we did.  We made them stronger with a 25% increase in load capacity. We made them tougher with a more rigid rotate design.  All of this while shaving nearly 10% off the combined weight of the handles.

For all of you who follow PRIME, support PRIME, promote PRIME… We can’t thank you enough.  Your positive messages and encouraging comments are what keep us pushing forward on our mission to smarter strength training equipment.

Also, for all of you that have a pair of the original RO-T8 Handles, don’t stress, the biomechanics of the RO-T8 2.0 Handles are the exact same, so you still have the most effective and versatile handles in the game!

Till next time. #FindYourPRIME

– Team  PRIME