My PRIME With… Abbie Tharan – Team PRIME

My PRIME With… Abbie Tharan – Team PRIME

Rapid Fire:
Favorite piece of PRIME equipment: Hybrid Pec/Rear Delt

Favorite body part to train: Shoulders

Favorite pre-workout: Neurocore

Favorite song to train to: Anything by Halestorm

PRIME: Abbie, you started with PRIME a couple months ago, how has working at PRIME changed the way you train?

Abbie:  Since beginning at PRIME, my world has been rocked!  With the sheer volume of options available in the PRIME showroom, from the Hybrid, Evolution, and Plate-Loaded lines, as well as the RO-T8 accessories and Squat Wedges, varying my workouts is something that I had not been able to really do to a large degree at my home gym, and that all but eliminates the chance for plateaus.  Plus, learning and utilizing the biomechanics of SmartStrength, which is the SmartCam and 3-Peg Torque Arm technology, which allows adjustment of the resistance curve of an exercise, is at such a heightened level of training, that my muscles are working in ways they never have prior to my employment at PRIME.  It simply blows my mind every time I make an adjustment and feel the difference!  Knowing what I know now, that in all my years of on and off weight training, I’ve never known a truly complete workout, makes me feel like I’ve been missing out the whole time.  That “pump” that I have long read and heard about was something I had not experienced, but now do regularly.  And I have certainly never been as sore as I have been since starting at PRIME!

PRIME: What has been the most challenging part of your job as an Inside Sales Rep at PRIME?

Abbie: One part of my job is to reach out to current customers, via phone or email, typically those who have purchased from PRIME’s accessory line, RO-T8 attachments and Squat Wedges, and it can be quite difficult to actually make contact with those customers.  I absolutely understand how busy life is, with work, family, etc., but I think it is important to obtain customer feedback to find out what is working, what is not working, what people like and what they don’t like, so the company can improve or make adjustments, if need be.  PRIME is constantly innovating, and part of that is based on the wants and needs of those who are actually using the equipment.  Also, I enjoy hearing customers’ personal experiences with PRIME. 

PRIME: Our mantra is FIND Your PRIME, which can mean different things to different people, what does finding your PRIME mean to you?  

Abbie: Finding my PRIME, to me, is getting to that pinnacle of personal satisfaction as a result of performing at my best.  This idea touches all facets of my life, whether it is hitting a personal goal at the gym, feeling a sense of accomplishment as a parent and spouse, or, more recently, embarking on an unplanned career path that has given me a new outlook on life.

PRIME: When you’re not at work or in the gym, where can we find you and what are you doing?

Abbie: You will find me spending time with my family.  I have a wonderful husband, Kirk, and two boys, Griffin, 7, and Parker, 2, and they keep my on my toes, which is a place I love being! 

PRIME: Last question, who has been you biggest fitness inspiration, and why?

Abbie:  Dana Linn Bailey, without question!  After having children, deciding I wanted to get back into weight training full steam ahead, and reinvesting in my home gym, I was still missing that one motivating factor to propel myself forward.  I pulled out one of my old issues of Oxygen magazine, thinking that seeing all those women who inspired me to lift in the past would certainly have the same effect.  I opened it up, and there was a picture of this woman who exuded, at least physically, what I viewed as perfection.  She had plenty of muscle, yet a striking femininity that I was awestruck by.  Upon research, I found a name to go with the picture, and once I began following DLB on social media, I was further impressed by her overall approach to a multitude of things in her life.  Her work ethic, commitment to weight training, respect toward fans, and love of animals are just a few reasons why DLB is such a quality role model for women, men, and children alike. 


THE SCOOP | What’s Coming From PRIME Fitness

THE SCOOP | What’s Coming From PRIME Fitness

The Scoop is a new update we will be doing a few times a year to update everyone on what’s going on at PRIME.  As we continue to grow and expand in to new areas and markets, we thought it would be a great way to share a particular moment in time to give everyone an idea of what to expect in the future.  Stay tuned for more updates from The Scoop.

So, it’s September. Wasn’t it just April like last week?  What a whirlwind of a year it has been.  Hard to imagine in a few short months we’ll be welcoming in 2019.  But, we aren’t there yet and there is still another quarter to crush in 2018.  So, the question is, what are we going to do to crush the quarter? The answer: several things. Anticlimactic, sorry.

But it’s true.  We have several really innovative things in the pipeline we are excited to share with everyone.  If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that the recent launch of the RO-T8 4N1 Handle has been exciting.  We’ve launched the product twice in the past 2 months, and sold out each time in a matter of just a few days! Incredible. [Thank you to all of you that have purchased a 4N1 Handle, we hope your back workouts are epic.]

So, the first thing is that we will have the RO-T8 4N1 Handle back in stock and ready for purchase on 9/17 at exactly 5pm EST.  So, if you missed your chance last month, or you just learned about the 4N1 since the launch, this is your moment. Own it. (Essentially just mark it on your calendar).  With the restocking of the 4N1 Handles, we will also be updating the current RO-T8 Family Bundle to include the RO-T8 4N1 Handle.  The new RO-T8 Family Bundle will be available for $920 USD.

We will also be adding a brand new bundle to the website, the Multi-Grip RO-T8 Bundle.   The Multi-Grip RO-T8 Bundle will include both the 14” and 6” 3N1 Handles and the NEW RO-T8 4N1 Handle (20″).  This bundle offers 10 grip variations in just 3 attachments! Yes, you read that right.  At $465 USD, it’s a small investment to make a big impact to any gym or training facility.

From a new product standpoint, we have two more big launches left in 2018.   Again, if you follow PRIME on social media, you’ve seen the new SW | SOLOS we’ve been sneaking peeks of.   At 8” wide, the wedges are unilateral, so they can be adjusted exactly to the user’s squatting mechanics and knee path.  They literally take the “thinking” out of squatting. It is an incredible example of taking a good idea further to create something even better.  The wedges will come as a pair and will be available in 10, 20, and 30 degree options.  We’ll be releasing more details and even doing a product giveaway leading up to the launch, which is scheduled for early October, so stay tuned for more on that.

The other big launch in 2018 will have to remain a little more of a mystery right now, but we can’t wait to share it with everyone soon.  Here’s what we can say, it is a handle variation that takes something relatively ordinary to new heights with a few biomechanical tweaks and a thoughtful design. If you are fans of the RO-T8 Handles,  you’re going to love these too! Expect more info soon on the new handles and an official product launch in early/mid-November.

Lastly, the holidays, they will be upon us in no time at all.  Last year, we heard from a lot of you that you wish we had gift cards to use for holiday gifting. We did a little digging and turns out it’s a pretty simple thing to, so, this year we will be selling gift cards leading up to the holidays.  We are currently working on nailing down the details, so keep an eye out for more information in the next couple of weeks!

PS – I think just about every single one of you have asked about a “PRIME Near Me” page on the website, where you can find gyms with PRIME nearest to you.   It will be live any day now!  We can’t wait to finally have a good answer to that question.

If you have any questions or feedback, get ahold of us at 

This has been The Scoop.  Till next time…

Find Your PRIME

PRIME Partners with Pittsburgh Steelers to #Kickstart Local High School Football Program

PRIME Partners with Pittsburgh Steelers to #Kickstart Local High School Football Program

When the opportunity comes along to help kick start a brand new high school athletic program, you jump at the opportunity.  In an effort to grow that game and give more kids the opportunity to play football, the NFL launched a program called Kick Start.  The program is designed to support new high school athletic programs, to ensure they have all of the equipment and tools required to compete on the field.  To take the project to another level, the Steelers looked to their partners for support, and support they received.  Brands like Nike and Riddell stepped up to provide the team with top of the line uniforms, helmets, and pads.  In the weight room, PRIME installed fully equipped PRIME Steel Rig, so the team could train on the same equipment their favorite players do at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.  It’s just a terrific thing to be able to work with the amazing brands and people that make this type of thing possible. To donate this equipment to such a worthy cause, it’s really rewarding.  Join us as we cheery on the Midd-West Mustangs this year!


To follow the first season of the Midd-West Mustangs, visit 

For more information about PRIME Fitness or to keep up on the latest news and updates, visit

RO-T8  4N1 Handles – Frequently Asked Questions

RO-T8 4N1 Handles – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the launch of the RO-T8 4N1 Handles we developed with our friends at N1 Education (Huge “thank you” to Coach Kassem and his entire team for all their insight and support). We are humbled to report that the first batch of the limited edition handles sold out in just over 48 hours!  For those of you that got your hands on one before they were gone, we can’t thank you enough for your support too!

Since we introduced the product, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the RO-T8 4N1 Handles, so we thought we would share a little FAQ on some of the most common ones we’ve been getting… Here goes…

Q: Will you be doing another limited launch of the RO-T8 4N1 Handles?

A: Probably. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, and the pile of messages we are receiving on social media, it seems like there are quite a few people who are bummed they missed out on the first launch. So, it’s likely we will do another run, we just need to get a good handle on the quantity/demand.  If you would like to purchase the RO-T8 4N1 Handles, shoot us a message, comment on a post, put up a smoke signal, send a messenger pigeon, or let us know any way you can so we can forecast as best we can.  Stay tuned for a more clearer timetable coming soon!

Q: What is the difference between the RO-T8 4N1 Handles & the RO-T8 3N1 Handles?

A: Quite a bit actually.  The name actually gives away one of the biggest differences, the 3N1 handles are exactly that, 3 handles in (N) 1.  Same goes for the 4N1 handles.  The 4th setting is a fully pronated position (see image below). The other key difference is the width. The 4N1 is 20” wide, while the largest 3N1 is 14” wide. One doesn’t really replace the other, they both offer their own advantages. If you’re a biomechanics nut like us, check out this video from Coach Kassem where he takes a DEEP DIVE into the details and does some great comparisons between not only the 3N1s, but other common bar/handles options in the gym.

Q: Are you planning to add the 4th (fully pronated) setting to the current 3N1 Handles (14” and 6”)?

A: Not at this time, and here’s why…  From a biomechanics perspective, if the grip isn’t wide enough, the fully pronated position isn’t optimal. To get into a position where the fully pronated position is effective, there must be a certain amount of width to allow the elbows to travel in the proper path as the scapula retracts.  For the vast majority of people, even 14” isn’t enough width. That’s why the 4N1 is 20” wide; to create enough width to allow for a proper starting position and ROM though the exercise.

Q: Why were the 4N1 Handles blue? What will the color options be on the next run of the 4N1 Handles?

A:  The 4N1 Handles were blue to represent the partnership on the product with N1 Education (whose primary brand color is blue).  We wanted to incorporate them into the product as much as possible to not only support them, but to signify their “fingerprints” on the product if you will. That said, for the next run of 4N1 Handles, we will be going back to our standard color options of PRIME Green and Black.  That said, look for more limited edition color options in the future across all the accessory products.

Q: Why is international shipping so expensive and what are you doing about it?

A: To all of our international friends and customers, we hear you, and we are working hard to bring those shipping rates down.  We are in the process of adding FedEx to our shipping options, which will drastically bring the international rates down.  It’s a pretty large undertaking, so we appreciate your patience as we work through it, but know that it is coming soon!
We hope you found this little Q&A session helpful, but if we didn’t answer your questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly by shooting us an email to  As always, thank you all so much for your support and until next time, #FindYourPRIME.

– Team PRIME

PRIME Fitness Wins 2018 Men’s Health Fitness Award

PRIME Fitness Wins 2018 Men’s Health Fitness Award

Big things are happening in a small town just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tucked away in the foothills of northwestern PA, a strength equipment manufacturer is making big waves in the fitness industry.  PRIME Fitness burst on to the strength equipment scene in 2014 with their “science-forward” approach to commercial strength equipment. With innovative technology, next-level biomechanics, and USA craftsmanship quality, it wasn’t long before the most elite training facilities were choosing PRIME equipment.

In 2017, the company took the same approach, rooted in science, to the accessory market, and have been making heads turn since.  “Since the beginning, we’ve always wanted to apply the same philosophy that goes into the creation of our strength machines to the accessory market,” said PRIME Sales Director, Mike Kearney. “We wanted to create an accessory that would demonstrate what is possible with a real scientific approach to product development,” Kearney continued.

This year, their vision has been recognized by one of the largest publications in the fitness industry – Men’s Health.  The PRIME RO-T8 Handles received the prestigious 2018 Men’s Heath Fitness Award, sharing the stage with brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Garmin. “It’s truly humbling to accept this award from Men’s Health,” said PRIME President, Rod Griffin.  “This award represents the continued shift to a more science-based approach to training, and we are honored to be a part of it.  This only deepens our commitment to the innovation and development of world-class strength training equipment,” said Griffin.

The RO-T8 (or ‘rotate’) Handles feature a rotational, ergonomic “paddle grip” that is designed to provide more surface area, drastically reducing joint pressure and grip fatigue. The enhanced biomechanics of the RO-T8 Handles allow for optimal exercise efficiency and maximum output potential to the targeted muscle(s).

But the RO-T8 Handles are just one member of the PRIME RO-T8 Family of products.  Since launching the RO-T8 Handles, PRIME has continued to innovate, expanding their portfolio to 7 RO-T8 products.  Most recently, in May of this year, PRIME added the RO-T8 Spreader Bar to the Family, taking adjustability to new heights.  The Spreader Bar features a 360° ROM, via a unilateral ball joint design, offering an ultra-smooth feel in any direction.


To learn more about PRIME Fitness and their strength innovations, visit or e-mail them at

PRIME Hits The Road… Again: Mei Fitness – 3 Locations

PRIME Hits The Road… Again: Mei Fitness – 3 Locations

Last month, PRIME hit the road again, continuing the PRIME On The Road series with Episode 4. This adventure took us to the great state of Indiana to visit (3) Mei Fitness locations. For over a year now, Mei Fitness has been investing in PRIME equipment in all 3 of their greater Indianapolis area locations. With the opening of the latest facility in Southport, featuring over 20 pieces of PRIME equipment, we had to make a trip out to visit the gyms and the Mei team.

Our visit started at the original Mei Fitness location in Avon, IN. Upon arriving, we were met with the warmest of welcomes from the owner, Mel. Mel is one of those guys you could listen to all day. His life story reads like a best-selling novel. Born in Puerto Rico, Mel’s family moved to Florida where he started elementary school, without knowing a single word of English (a language he now speaks fluently). After high school, Mel joined the Marine Corps, where he served as a helicopter mechanic. After his service, his experience took him to Indianapolis to join an Indy Car pit crew. Throughout it all, Mel had always had a passion for fitness, which turned into a career. Passionate about his faith, when Mel made the decision to become a Gym Owner, he was committed to creating a different kind of gym culture – one where his members were more than just customers, but were truly part of the Mei family.

Our next stop took us to the Fisher’s, IN location, just 30-45 minutes up the road (depending on traffic). The Fisher’s location was Mel’s second location and featured over 10 pieces of PRIME equipment. During our visit, the gym was buzzing with members, spanning from bodybuilders to athletes, to your everyday fitness enthusiast. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to talk SmartStrength™ with a ton of members and offer tips to take their PRIME workouts to another level. In fact, a couple unlucky (or lucky – depending how you look at it) members got put through the infamous “PRIME Death Set” – be sure to check out the video below to see the devastation.

The third and final stop on our Mei Fitness tour took us to Southport, the newly opened location. From top to bottom, the experiences Mel drew from the first two locations were evident, down to the smallest of details (one of our favorites being charging stations for any type of smartphone imaginable). The Southport location featured over 20 pieces of PRIME equipment, spanning the Hybrid and Plate Loaded lines. The gym had a really awesome vibe, featuring walls plastered with custom artwork and a massive HDTV. Similar to the other 2 locations, we were able to spend some time with members, explaining more of the benefits of training with PRIME SmartStrength™ technology. We also got to spend some time with the manager, Griffin, putting him through a shoulder workout he won’t soon forget!

Check out the pictures below form the trip and be sure to watch, like, and share Episode 4 of PRIME On The Road below (just click ‘play’ below). If you haven’t already, head over to our YouTube channel and hit the ‘subscribe’ button. We’ll be uploading a ton more videos over the second half of the year, so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Till next time…

Train Hard. Train Smart. Find Your PRIME.