PRIME Squat Wedges 5° – 30°

$ 125.00

By elevating the heel, these PRIME Squat Wedges enhance a user’s ability to maintain proper squat form for any body type.
Choose from a 5 Degree Incline up to a 30 degree incline.  All PRIME Squat Wedges are 30″ wide to facilitate both narrow and wide stance squatting. 

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To determine the proper Squat Wedge degree for your specific needs, follow these three simple steps:

1.  Sit with your knees at a 90 degree angle.

2.  Raise your toes/midfoot off the ground as high as possible.

3.  Measure the distance from the floor to the ball of your foot.  This will provide you with the height/degree of the Squat Wedge that would be ideal for you.


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