PRIME RO-T8 Spreader Bar

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Like the other products in the family, the Spreader Bar features an ergonomic paddle grip, designed to reduce grip fatigue and joint stress. It also features a biomechanically thoughtful “hourglass” design that positions the grip in the center of the line of pull (similar to that of the original PRIME RO-T8 Handles). This alignment promotes better exercise form and execution, significantly increasing output potential. But, what takes the RO-T8 Spreader Bar to the next-level is the unrestricted, 360° ROM, via the unilateral ball joint design. This freedom offers unmatched versatility and an ultra-smooth feel on each and every rep.

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Available in PRIME Green and Black

1 review for PRIME RO-T8 Spreader Bar

  1. Isaac Sandaljian (verified owner)

    Infinitely superior muscle activation than your lat bar or tricep rope for back and tricep exercises with the functionality of both those items plus more. Would recommend this to any looking for additional gains around the back upper or lower, biceps too with some tweaking of movement patterns.

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