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Meet the PRIME Trap Bar. This Bar is unlike any other open trap bar, as it provides incredible versatility, superior made-in-the-U.S.A. craftsmanship, and the innovative features/benefits you’d expect from PRIME. The open design accommodates different body types and allows for a greater variety of exercises. The PRIME Trap Bar has been equipped with loading jacks for ease of loading and unloading, along with the ability to adjust the handles heights in 1’’ increments (adjustable from 0” to 9”). These height settings allow you to make adjustments that best fit your mobility and body type, along with creating new exercise options (mechanical drop sets, rack pull variations without the rack, etc.). This Bar also boasts three unique handle options: standard 1’’ handles, the sophisticatedly designed KAZ Handles (a “cone” shaped handle designed to more closely match the natural mechanics/shape of the human hand), and the ever-popular RO-T8 Handles (designed to provide a mechanical grip advantage and reduce grip fatigue while simultaneously increasing output potential). Check out the video for all the Trap Bar details!

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